The Foundation

SportOutlier Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational and athletic opportunities for underserved youth.  We are a collaboration of health professionals, high-performing athletes, and world-class coaches working together to serve the next generation.  We educate youth about healthy living and provide expert training to enhance performance in sport.


SportOutlier Foundation inspires and develops youth through sport.

Our main objectives are to:

1.  improve health and wellness

2. fight obesity

3. teach mind-body performance skills

A SportOutlier is a group or individual with exceptional style and character who excels outside of normal sport performance and transforms athletic culture with their accomplishments.  An underprivileged athlete with the potential to become a SportOutlier often misses out on chances to realize his/her dreams.  SportOutlier Foundation is driven to raise financial support for under-served youth and provide them with opportunities to become SportOutliers.  We do this by connecting youth with elite athletes to demonstrate positive models of success; professional health providers to offer valuable instruction in nutrition, conditioning, and mental strategies; and world-class coaches to train correct techniques.  The funds we raise directly support under-served youth with a passion for sport, giving them access to educational presentations and athletic training camps promoting the development of athletic skills and healthy lifestyles.  We also provide academic and career development scholarships to amateur athletes in need.

SportOutlier Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for under-served youth in sport.

SportOutlier Foundation |  619-227-6304

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